The Ultimate Ranking Of Easter Candy

Limited Edition, unlimited joy.

17. Easter Kit Kat Bars

ID: 1000634

The only thing that makes this different from a regular Kit Kat is the pastel wrapping. Weak.

ID: 1000644

16. Jelly Belly Easter Candy Corn

ID: 999342

Candy corn should only be eaten on Halloween. Don’t dress it up in pretty pastels and suggest otherwise.

ID: 999478

15. Whoppers Easter Mini Robin Eggs

ID: 998196

The speckled eggs are cute, but the texture is chalk city.

ID: 999487

14. Butterfinger Nest Eggs

ID: 998188

Butterfinger is good, don’t get me wrong, but candy eggs is a competitive category. These just aren’t the best.

ID: 999495

13. Kraft Bunny Marshmallows

ID: 1000861

Why don’t these exist all year? Way cooler than lame cylindrical ‘mallows.

ID: 1000862

12. Wonka SweeTarts Chicks

ID: 1000677

Cute AND tart.

ID: 1000682

11. Cadbury Creme Eggs

ID: 998170

Cadbury creme eggs are an essential Easter item, but they’re too cloyingly sweet to be the best of the best.

ID: 999857

10. Russell Stover Marshmallow Chocolate Bunny

ID: 999313

Chocolate covered marshmallows > regular marshmallows.

ID: 999507

9. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

ID: 998169

Chocolate + peanut butter = delicious magic.

ID: 999649

8. M&M’s Easter Egg

ID: 999330

Everything is cuter when it’s inside a plastic egg.

ID: 999607

7. Snickers Egg

ID: 999327

The perfect crunch-to-smooth ratio in this egg.

ID: 999893

6. Dove Chocolate Easter Eggs

ID: 999399

They may be plain, but the chocolate quality here gives these an edge over some flashier egg varieties.

ID: 999871

5. Crunch Chocolate Easter Nests

ID: 998187

Crunch is underrated and deserves more attention.

ID: 999621

4. Peeps Marshmallows

ID: 998163

Peeps are deliciously creepy.

ID: 999657

3. Cadbury Mini Eggs

ID: 998191

If you don’t eat these on Easter, you’re not doing it right.

ID: 999493

2. Russell Stover Chocolate Bunny

ID: 998158

The ultimate Easter candy, the uniter of everything that is right in this world. Hollow is better than solid.

ID: 999623

1. Starburst Jelly Beans

ID: 998154

Starburst jelly beans are Easter. Easter is Starburst jelly beans.

ID: 1000020

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