20 Surprising Side Effects Of Eating Guacamole

Do you know what you’re getting into?

1. FACT: Eating guacamole leads to orgies.

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2. Intense guacamole addiction also leads to crime.

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3. It can drive you to take desperate measures for a quick fix.

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4. It forces you to question important relationships.

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5. It turns people into animals.

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6. And also zombies.

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7. It can lead to emergency hospital visits.

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8. And it makes you nostalgic for a better time (RIP, guac Doritos).

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9. But guac does a lot of good things, too. It inspires pride.

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10. It helps you celebrate important holidays.

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11. It promotes a healthy self-image.

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12. It encourages you to make the most out of what you have.

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13. It lets you express romantic feelings.

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14. It can even be your lover. If you want.

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15. Guacamole makes you smart.

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16. And beautiful.

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17. It helps you understand what really matters in life.

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18. It forces you to dream big.

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19. It helps you get dressed in the morning.

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20. And it brings people together.

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