14 Pancakes Experiencing An Identity Crisis

Oh, pancakes, don’t you know we love you just the way you are?

1. This pancake just wants to be on trend.

ID: 1007525

2. Nice try burger pancakes, your cover is blown by that jar of maple syrup.

ID: 1007375

3. This pancake is trying to change the negative perception of watermelon seeds.

ID: 1007412

Jim’s Pancakes has other incredible pancake designs that you definitely, maybe need to see.

ID: 1015782

4. This autumnal pancake will be found out when someone asks, “Why are you wearing candy corn? Real pumpkin pie doesn’t do that.”

ID: 1007372

5. These pancakes know, deep down, how it feels to be a taco.

ID: 1007426

6. This masquerading pancake a day WILL NOT keep the doctor away.

ID: 1007760

7. These pancakes aren’t sure why you’re using chopsticks; real sushi is eaten by hand.

ID: 1007427

8. These pancakes aspire to be corn but look like carrots.

ID: 1007733

9. These pancakes would like pizza status.

ID: 1007470

10. These pancakes are impersonating cereal.

ID: 1007434

11. These pancakes dream of being strawberries.

ID: 1007739

12. These pancakes doing a confusing birthday sundae thing.

ID: 1015822

13. These pancakes that have transformed into mini doughnuts.

ID: 1015918

14. These pancakes that strive to be a complete breakfast.

ID: 1016159

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