9 Reasons Taylor Swift And Tegan & Sara Need To Play Together All The Time

It’s not just physical. They won’t treat you like you’re oh so typical.

1. Taylor Swift brought out Tegan & Sara at her concert in Los Angeles Monday, and they all sang “Closer” and it was incredible. This needs to happen, again and again:


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2. Because when Taylor Swift was introducing them, she said, “I feel like all of us in here just need to get closer.”

Yes, please.

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3. Because what isn’t better with two adorable Canadian pop icons who are down to bop around?

Oh right, NOTHING.

ID: 1538325

4. Because they are all so goddamn good at capturing infatuation.

ID: 1538151

5. And heartbreak.

ID: 1538429

6. Because when Tegan & Sara were onstage, Taylor Swift got a little bossy.

“Wait until I say go,” she told us.


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7. Because we have always wanted to hear Taylor Swift sing, “All I dream of lately is how to get you underneath me.”

Get it, gurl.

ID: 1538298

8. Because Tegan kinda bashfully offered up her shoulder when Taylor Swift sang the words “a little bit closer.”

Yep, those are tears in my eyes.

ID: 1538371

9. Because when they were together, there were awkward dance moves.

ID: 1538401

Please, ma’ams, I want some more.

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