14 Cats From The 1800s Having A Way Worse Day Than You

These cats aren’t feline so good.

1. “What,” whispers this cat, in blind horror.

ID: 1684239

2. “Rats wear clothes?” thinks this cat, suddenly losing her appetite to disappointment.

ID: 1684283

3. “Who would use a cat’s unhappiness to sell jewelry?” hisses this cat.

J. P. Tuckerman / Via Flickr: boston_public_library
ID: 1684306

4. “HELP!” says this cat being swung around by someone with a giant eye.

http://G.M. Hayes / Via Flickr: boston_public_library
ID: 1684295

5. “Why can’t I read like the other cats?” mewls this cat, crying in the corner.

ID: 1684326

6. “Why does that boy have a knife?” wonders this cat who’s about to become stew.

ID: 1684361

7. “I don’t even know how to play cello,” this cat muses, throat constricted by an overly tight bow tie.

Ballin & Liebler, Lith. / Via Flickr: boston_public_library
ID: 1684636

8. “What is happening even?!” yelps this startled cat.

Wm. S. Appleton / Via Flickr: boston_public_library
ID: 1684376

9. “This spool of thread is terrifying,” says this lion with his terrified eyes.

Donaldson Brothers / Via Flickr: boston_public_library
ID: 1684534

10. “Omg why am I in this shoe?” screams this cat silently.

ID: 1684436

11. “We are cats, so I don’t see why I have to do math,” thinks this cat who is not as good at math as his brothers.

ID: 1684493

12. “Why are you using imagery of bondage to express your love?” asks this cat, who is a proto-feminist.

ID: 1684588

13. “This doesn’t seem very prudent,” whispers this cat into his less-prudent friend’s ear.

Auchincloss & Bro. / Via Flickr: boston_public_library
ID: 1684574

Definitely worried:

ID: 1684577

Actually kinda chillin’:

ID: 1684579

14. “What were we thinking?” thinks everyone in this scenario.

ID: 1684467

This cat is clearly full of regret.

ID: 1684475


ID: 1684469

All images from the Boston Public Library’s incredible Flickr account.

ID: 1684724

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