14 Kids That Are Definitely Rebels

Natural born badasses. The crib might not be the only bars they ever see. Think you’re a Rebel, too? Take the quiz at ArchetypeMe to find out.

1. This Casanova that might not have you back before nap time.

2. This kid that definitely didn’t start that.

3. This baby who’s ready to roll.

4. This little lady that’s really not interested in your princesses

7. This kid that will have you sleepin’ with the raptors if you keep starin’.

8. This kid that doesn’t always abide by the dress code.

9. This scientific rebel.

10. This little dude who’s lookin’ right at you

11. These two that know when it’s party time. Excellent.

12. This baby Bieber.

13. This fan that knows exactly what side of the tracks you were born on.

14. And this itty bitty little baby blood (he got burped in).

Inspired by ArchetypeMe

Find out if you’re a Rebel, and discover tons of tailored content by taking the quiz at ArchetypeMe.com.

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