11 People Paying It Forward

Take notes, these people are doing it right. Everybody loves a random act of kindness and these people are definitely committed to making a difference – big or small. So, do you think you’re an Advocate like them? Find out by taking the quiz at ArchetypeMe and discover great content for your archetypes.

1. This gas giver

ID: 796727

2. This book buyer

ID: 796730

3. This hometown hero

ID: 796774

4. This generous employer

ID: 796964

5. This good buy landlord

ID: 797027

6. This humble NFL star

ID: 797051

7. This sweet Subway

ID: 797061

8. This friendly barber

ID: 797079

9. This awesome library

ID: 797094

10. This sweet treat

ID: 804488

11. This SOULful surprise

ID: 804480

Inspired by ArchetypeMe

Find out if you’re an Advocate, and discover tons of tailored content by taking the quiz at ArchetypeMe.com.

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