51 Times Rihanna Was The Most Fashionable Celebrity In 2013

Rihanna is a fashion goddess. #fashionkilla #cccertified

1. That time she looked amazing receiving her AMA award.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters / Reuters
ID: 2154698

2. That time she looked flawless with a mullet.

Stefan Gosatti / Getty Images

Stefan Gosatti / Getty Images

ID: 2158322

3. That time she wore this graphic printed dress.

Chris McGrath / Getty Images for Singapore GP
ID: 2154769

4. That time she was traveling the world and decided to wear baggy trousers and a top adorned with flags from around the globe.

AP Photo
ID: 2154775

5. All the times she proved her lip game will always be fresh.

Samir Hussein / Getty Images

Vivien Killilea / Getty Images

Kevin Mazur / WireImage for MTV



ID: 2154834

6. That time she wore that little black dress, choker, and strappy heels casually.

Michael Stewart / WireImage
ID: 2154845

7. That time she looked absolutely stunning in an all-white babydoll dress and black knee-high boots.

AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau
ID: 2154852

8. That time she pulled off that pinstriped muumuu because she is a fashion goddess.

AP Photo/Simon Fals, Polfoto
ID: 2154860

9. That time she wore Chanel head to toe and looked classy as fuck.

AP Photo/Francois Mori
ID: 2154869

10. That time she tied what appears to be a very expensive towel around her hair and still looked perfect.

Youssef Boudlal / Reuters

Youssef Boudlal / Reuters

ID: 2154913

11. That time she sparkled like a diamond.

John Shearer/Invision / AP
ID: 2155061

12. That time she strutted in a long white jacket and sunglasses.

Youssef Boudlal / Reuters
ID: 2154928

13. All the times her hair changed and she looked amazing.

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE / Getty Images

Victor Decolongon / Getty Images

AP Photo/Las Vegas News Bureau, Glenn Pinkerton

ID: 2154983

14. That time she sat down and her toes matched her dress, lipstick, and fingernails.

Neil Hall / Reuters / Reuters
ID: 2155034

15. Every time she accessorized with a snapback.

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE / Getty Images

ID: 2155007

16. That time she looked like an angel at the Grammys in all red.

Jordan Strauss/Invision / AP
ID: 2155057

17. That time she looked celestial in a white gown.

ID: 2155182

18. That time she accessorized with a blunt.

ID: 2155190

19. That time she ran across the desert in sneakers.

ID: 2155195

20. That time she wore this on the street:

ID: 2155264

21. That time she looked fierce in aqua.

ID: 2155202

22. That time in Abu Dhabi she wore this Middle Eastern–inspired all-white outfit and looked like an desert fashion princess.

KARIM SAHIB/AFP / Getty Images
ID: 2154713

23. That time she posed like a mermaid.

ID: 2155206

24. That time she was beautiful in a burqa.

ID: 2155211

25. That time she wore that crop top and words couldn’t describe how immaculate she looked.

ID: 2155219

26. That time she proved she is one of very few people who can pull off a long denim skirt.

ID: 2155226

27. That time she presented her back to the world in a triangular cutout top.

ID: 2155234

28. That time she channeled early ’90s grunge.

ID: 2155236

29. That time.

ID: 2155244

30. That time in Thailand she asked us to step up our swimwear game.

ID: 2155255

31. That time she only wore an American flag shirt.

ID: 2155270

32. That time she showed us how to properly dress for Carnival.

ID: 2155274

33. That time she was model-ready and we could barely handle it because she looked so good.

ID: 2157724

34. That time she wore this jersey dress and matching white glasses.

ID: 2157729

35. All the times she proved her accessories are directly from the fashion gods.

ID: 2157746

36. That time she looked like the chicest robot ever.

ID: 2157748

37. That time she emerged from her private jet looking so perfect, she stood there so we could take it all in.

ID: 2157769

38. That time she looked so, so, so tony.

ID: 2157773

39. That time she took the opportunity to educate us on how to accessorize for a rainy day.

ID: 2157799

40. That time she wore the matching yellow top and skirt.

ID: 2157819

41. That time she rocked bunny ears and looked so cute.

ID: 2157815

42. That time she wore a jersey dress better than you could ever wear one.

ID: 2157839

43. That time she channeled Marilyn better than anyone else.

ID: 2157847

44. That time she wore all denim everything.

ID: 2157860

45. That time she wore those knee-high cutout boots and a flawless print dress.

ID: 2157873

46. That time she stopped and posed because she needed to share that fashion moment with the world.

ID: 2157890

47. That time she looked better than art.

ID: 2157925

48. That time she matched her hotel room for fun.

ID: 2157973

49. That time she looked better than Terry Richardson in his glasses.

ID: 2158035

50. That time she looked awfully amazing in a long black gown.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images
ID: 2158230

51. And that time she literally adorned a bunny-ear veil because she is fashion.

ID: 2157826

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