Family Guy Vs The Simpsons: Who Did It Best?

Two great cartoons about two unusual families are bound to hit some common themes once in a while. But who comes out on top? Catch Family Guy, The Simpsons and more on the season premiere of Animation Domination, starting at 8/7c on September 30th on FOX!

1. The Star Wars Homage

Peter Griffin as Jabba The Hutt? Seems like a natural fit.

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Yes you are Ralph, yes you are.

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2. The Harry Potter Mention

In Treehouse of Horror XII, The Simpsons kids attend “Springwart’s School of Magicry” and J.K. Rowling herself appears in a later episode of the series entitled “The Regina Monologues”

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When Lois asks Peter where the ski mask for their matching costumes is, he answers: “it’s kind of hard to breathe in those things so I just dressed up like Harry Potter.”

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3. The Pulp Fiction Reference

This episode of The Simpsons also featured a take off of the “royal with cheese” scene at Krusty Burger.

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This episode of the Family Guys also featured a spoof of the famous dinner scene between Uma Thurman and John Travolta.

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4. The Willy Wonka Parody

The Simpson’s take uses bacon instead of the classic chocolate bar. Good call.

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The Family Guy’s golden ticket is hidden in a beer, perfect for Peter (more on that later).

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5. The Fighting Wife

In “The Great White Hope” episode, Marge trains in mixed martial arts with a coach reminiscent of Mike Tyson. At the match, she takes the mic to denounce the violence of the sport, but everyone has already left the arena.

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In “Baby, You Knock Me Out”, Lois takes up competitive boxing in as a way to channel her frustration with Peter. She eventually retires but fights in on more match against Deirdre Jackson, whose vicious reputation precedes her.

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6. The Arch-Nemesis

Peter and Ernie The Giant Chicken engage in some pretty epic fights. You’ll get him someday, Peter!

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Sideshow Bob’s obsession with exacting his revenge on Bart for getting him thrown in jail after he framed Krusty for an armed robbery in Season 1 is as creepy as it is entertaining.

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7. The Family Pets

Adopted from the dog racing track after his owner dumped him for losing a race, Santa’s Little Helper is all greyhound, with perhaps a few neurons missing.

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Brian, the Griffin family’s highly intelligent dog is a tortured soul: in love with Lois, too smart to be a dog, and battling some serious inner demons, it’s a pity he can’t seem to catch a break.

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8. The Binge Drinker

Though both Peter and Homer share a deep love for brews, Peter’s dedication to getting “hammahd” is superior in every way.

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Mmm, beer.

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9. The IRL Cross-over

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10. The Encounter With A Kangaroo

Both Bart and Homer have sticky run-ins with Kangaroos during their visit down under. Ick.

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Peter might be comfortable here but that Kangaroo doesn’t exactly walk away unscathed, poor thing.

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11. Hell

Turns out hell ain’t so bad after all for Homer. When Flanders/Satan sentences him to eternal damnation in one “Treehouse of Horror” special, Homer is punished by being forced to mechanically eat hundreds of donuts, which he of course enjoys.

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In Peter’s imagining of hell, he runs into a number of unsavory characters such as Hitler, Al Capone, and Superman, who reveals a heinous crime he committed to earn his stay there.

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12. The Wacky Newscasters

Kent Brockman’s penchant for narcissism and over-dramatization as the host of “Eye On Springfield” is a perfect take on the modern newscaster.

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Quahog News’ Tom Tucker and his team of stereotypical television news personality are all over-the-top parodies of network TV clichés.

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