19 GIFs From The Met Gala Red Carpet

Look out for Anna, punky SJP, and more safety pins than you can count. Also, watch the red-carpet livestream in full over at

1. Katie Holmes stifles a quick yawn pre-interview.

ID: 1143145

2. Grace Coddington expects the real deal.

ID: 1143148

3. Anna Wintour explains herself.

“The curator of this exhibition, Andrew Bolton, told me that the color of punk is pink. So here I am!”

ID: 1143157

4. Just to clarify, Andre Leon Talley is referring to this.

ID: 1143174

5. Lauren Santo Domingo fans her insulating sleeves.

ID: 1143177

6. The Fanning sisters are just like any teen girls.

ID: 1143184

7. As rebellious as ever, that kooky Cara Delevingne.

ID: 1143185

8. And look, Karlie Kloss has black hair now. (For one night only.)

ID: 1143206

9. Miley Cyrus drew inspiration from The Addams Family.

ID: 1143225

10. Donatella discusses her taste in music.

ID: 1143261

11. Vivienne Westwood was a little biased on the exhibit.

ID: 1143271

12. Yes, that’s a floral floor-length turtleneck gown with built-in gloves on Kim Kardashian.

ID: 1143315

13. SJP does not disappoint.

ID: 1143327

14. Marc Jacobs’ interpretation of punk was polka dots and a pilgrim collar.

ID: 1143344

15. Kate Bosworth’s dress made her feel like Xena.

ID: 1143357

16. Kristen Stewart yearned to be provoked!

ID: 1143390

17. Jennifer Lawrence was predictably dressed and relatable.

ID: 1143437

18. Katy Perry crowned herself queen of the Met Ball.

ID: 1143462

19. Lena Dunham really got into the punk spirit!

ID: 1143469

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