“Coolest Girl On The Planet” Lena Dunham Covers British “Marie Claire”

In an undoubtedly Brooklyn-themed photo shoot.

1. She has “changed Marie Claire’s world,” so the magazine’s new cover proudly pronounces.

Alexei Hey / Via

Styled in a gown similar to the custom Erdem piece she wore to this year’s Met Gala, Dunham looks a little surprised by the accolade.

ID: 1572347

2. Here she is showing off her tattoos and meticulously constructed-to-look-unconstructed shaggy pixie cut.

Alexei Hay / Via

Oooh and a big fluffy sweater!

ID: 1572374

3. She also wears florals.

Alexei Hay / Via

And a lot of eyeshadow.

ID: 1572399

4. And posed on a dilapidated street corner that the bookings team definitely chose because it’s so “Brooklyn,” right?

Alexei Hay / Via

“We’re looking for quintessential Brooklyn grime. You know, abandoned buildings, trashy sidewalks, maybe a few rats. Do you think we can get rats for this thing?”

ID: 1572359

5. For more of Dunham’s Marie Claire shoot, click here.

ID: 1572476

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