22 Reasons To Worship Joan Rivers

Joan is turning 80 — and she’s never been funnier or more amazing.

1. Yes, she’s had work done. No, she doesn’t care what you think about it.

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2. She wore this outfit once.

Just look at all that matching!

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3. And this outfit.

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4. She only acts alongside the best of them.

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5. She knows the truth about Bert and Ernie.

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6. She was clearly the inspiration for Lucille Bluth.

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7. She tells the truth about “inner beauty.”

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8. The 2010 documentary about her was amazing.

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9. She’s charitable.

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10. She gives props to fashion disasters.

Or fashion icons, depending on how you see it.

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11. She’s the definition of outspoken.

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12. She jokes about herself all the time.

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13. And doesn’t care about offending people.

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14. Her advice is heartfelt, but most importantly: honest.

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15. Joan just always tells it like it is.

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16. She’s also an author.

Who’s written 11 books.

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17. She breaks things down in terms we can understand.

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18. And is just plain wise.

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19. Her workouts involves serious shopping trips.

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20. And not much else.

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21. Though she does take care of herself.

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22. She’s simultaneously classy and crass.

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Happy Birthday Joan! May your day be as fabulous as you are.

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