19 Cats Who Just Want To Look Sexy For Halloween

We all go through that sexy costume phase.

1. This meowschevious maid.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just cleaning underneath the couch.” *Bends over clumsily.*

ID: 1747568

2. This bald Malibu Barbie.

Who wanted an excuse to wear a bikini but couldn’t commit to a wig.

ID: 1733680

3. This heavy metal enthusiast/dominatrix.

Whatever it is, it’s edgy.

ID: 1733707

4. This “gentleman.”

Clearly a cad.

ID: 1733732

5. Every nerd’s greatest fantasy — a Princess Leia of their own.

(The gold bikini is underneath).

ID: 1747471

6. This studly law enforcer.

“Bad boys, bad boys…”

ID: 1747476

7. This naughty librarian.

Fifty Shades is for amateurs.

ID: 1747484

8. This coquettish schoolgirl.

Cushzilla / Via

*Twirls hair around her paw.*

ID: 1747524

9. This steamy sailor.

With a thick thatch of chest hair.

ID: 1747530

10. This bewitching lady.

Who has a thing for black cats.

ID: 1747584

11. The cheer captain.

“Gimme an S… gimme an E… gimme an X” — OK, you get the picture.

ID: 1747544

12. The rugged cowboy.

Howdy handsome.

ID: 1747671

13. This naughty angel.

Don’t let the halo fool you.

ID: 1747611

14. And its devilish counterpart.

Reformed good girl.

ID: 1747576

15. This bunny bombshell.

Dreams of becoming a Playboy Playmate someday.

ID: 1747661

16. The dashing Dr. Whiskers.

“Are you ready for your physical?”

ID: 1747685

17. This bumblebabe.

“Hey, it’s more original than a maid’s outfit, OK?!”

ID: 1747759

18. This hunky construction worker.

Admit that you’d actually be flattered by his CAT calls.

ID: 1747742

19. And this sexy nudist.

Who feels most seductive in his own skin.

ID: 1747819

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