13 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Abercrombie & Fitch Models

Some people (ahem Channing Tatum) were just born to be in this catalog. NSFW.

1. Ashton Kutcher, 1998

Before engaging impressionable teen hearts in That 70’s Show, Ashton playfully cavorted half-naked with other washboard-abbed all-American dude-bros.

ID: 1098478

Here he is alongside another A&F hall of famer, Tom Welling.

ID: 1098504

2. Tom Welling, 2000

Looking co-ed cozy in baggy PJ pants and a fleece sweater. Not many guys can pull off ’90s Tarzan hair AND grown-out blond highlights. Kudos to you, T.W.

ID: 1098524

3. January Jones, 2005

Before playing submissive housewife Betty Draper, January posed submissively for A&F. Note the brand’s signature girl’s garment of the aughts: frayed denim miniskirt.

ID: 1098589

4. Sienna Miller, 2002

Even as a pantsless A&F model, Sienna managed to look boho.

ID: 1098611

Here she is being kidnapped by King Kong. How fun!

ID: 1102246

She also posed topless for the brand’s infamous Summer Quarterly.

ID: 1098623

5. Malin Akerman, 2003

Malin and a couple of bros just having some all-American summer fun. Hopefully this particular vehicle was equipped with seat covers.

ID: 1098639

6. Channing Tatum, 2001

So what we can deduce from looking at these photos, and then watching Magic Mike

ID: 1098652

Is that Channing Tatum has really evolved.

ID: 1098686

7. Kellan Lutz, 2004

Pre-Twilight Kellan pretend-wearing a tie and showing off his curly locks.

ID: 1098836


ID: 1098838

In case you’ve never Googled “Kellan Lutz giggling with beetle.”

ID: 1098855

8. Karlie Kloss, 2007

Even supermodels have to start somewhere.

ID: 1102436

9. Elettra Wiedemann-Rossellini, 2003

Model daughter of Isabella Rossellini and granddaughter of Ingrid Bergman.

ID: 1102671

10. Hilary Rhoda, 2004

The past face of Estée Lauder and Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue centerfold got a start with A&F.

ID: 1102719

11. Doutzen Kroes, 2004

Just another top model sharing a steamy moment with a male model and a chimpanzee who is just *over it*.

ID: 1102465

12. Lindsay Lohan, 1998

Never forget her pre-2000s innocence.

ID: 1098895

She even co-starred on a bag! 2013 Lindsay’s career could really use a bag campaign.

ID: 1099406

13. Last but not least, America’s newly appointed sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence.

Looking her usual baby-faced self, only slightly more so. Hard to believe, but she describes her time at A&F as a failure, saying, “I did stuff for Abercrombie & Fitch, but you’d never know because none of my pictures ever got released.”

ID: 1098941

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