Baltimore Residents Allegedly Fired Guns To Celebrate The Ravens Making The Super Bowl

As the Ravens beat the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship, Twitter filled with reports of gunshots in the Baltimore area. posted on

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

Sunday night, the Baltimore Ravens booked their first trip to the Super Bowl since the 2000 season, when they beat the New York Giants. Cities tend to celebrate sports successes like this, but if Twitter is to be believed, Baltimore residents did it in a bizarre way: they fired off guns.

Ahh. Welcome to Baltimore. Where as soon as the Ravens win, guns are shot in the air

RT @T_Mac202:" target="_blank">">@T_Mac202: Lol. Lay low“@MoCurlie:" target="_blank">">@MoCurlie: Aaaaaand here come the fireworks and gun shots. I heart Baltimore.”

Oh man Baltimore is going CRAZY outside right now! Definitely hearing some fireworks and yelling...maybe a few gun shots?

Ahahaha my friend that lives in Baltimore said that everyone is shooting off their guns down there.. seems pretty accurate 😂

Living in Baltimore right now is scary. I can't determine if the screaming is from the game or the possible gun shots outside my house

I can hear the gun shots and I'm nowhere near Baltimore. Lol It's not New Year's. Lol 😂😂😂

Well that was fun, al I hear is gun shots n #baltimore" target="_blank">">#baltimore thanks to the #RavenNation" target="_blank">">#RavenNation lol

Gun shots!!! Lord, neighbor and I ran in my house! I'm not dying over a game! #baltimore" target="_blank">">#baltimore

Those were either gun shots or fire crackers.. You know you live in Baltimore when you can't tell the difference.

BALTIMORE RAVENS NATION !!!! 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 Gun Shots !! 👏👏💜😈🏈👌😂

Eliminate 'idk' & 'fireworks' RT @Madam_Nisey:" target="_blank">">@Madam_Nisey: Idk if I'm hearing fireworks or gun shots. Either is plausible this close to Baltimore

Here's the tricky part of living in Baltimore tonight: are these fireworks I hear or gun shots? #Ravens" target="_blank">">#Ravens

There go the gun shots!! I can always count on you Baltimore!

I know my family in Baltimore is turning up tonight. My cousin said she heard gun shots so she assumed we won. 😂😭

RT @justdoitjerm:" target="_blank">">@justdoitjerm: In Baltimore and after the win I go to the bathroom. I kid you not, I heard Gun shots in the melody of love sosa. #Ravens" target="_blank">">#Ravens

Dear Baltimore, I know the Ravens won. And I am happy about that too. But stop discharing firearms into the air. This isn't Pakistan.

Aaand now the fireworks and firearms start popping here in Baltimore. We keep it real, San Francisco. Get scared.

They are shooting their guns and fireworks in the city. This is Baltimore at its best.

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