12 Righteous Reasons You Need To See "Anchorman 2"

The legendary Ron Burgundy is back, and he’s got some BIG NEWS! The big news is that he’s back.

1. To pay your final respects to sweet, sweet Brick.

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2. And to watch Brick pay his respects to sweet, sweet Brick.

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3. To learn the art of subtlety from Ron.

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4. For the serious man candy.

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5. And the off-brand man candy…

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6. For a love story that will make you forget about that Notebook movie.

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7. To FINALLY learn the real difference between being gay and being a vampire.

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8. To hear the end of this crazy story!

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9. For the totally gnarly fashion.

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10. To watch Ron get beat up by a girl.

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11. To help Brick find his legs.

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12. And to watch Ron bulldoze right through some touchy barriers.

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Check out Ron, Brick, Champ, and Brian in all their bell-bottomed glory in theaters now!

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