Mango Sells "Slave Style" Jewelry In France

The clothing chain blamed the gaffe on a translation error.

1. Outrage emerged in France over the weekend when shoppers discovered jewelry labeled “style esclave” (which translates to “slave style”) on Mango’s website.

A petition posted to demanded that Mango remove the jewelry line and issue a public apology. As of Monday morning the petition had accrued 5,100 signatures and counting.

The tweet says that Mango regrets the “translation error” and that a correction to the online copy will be made immediately. The word “esclava” in Spanish can translate to “bracelet” or “chain,” in addition to “slave.” Mango is a Spanish retailer.

5. The word “slave” did not appear on the U.S. site as of Monday morning.

6. It’s also been removed from the French site.

The outrage hasn’t picked up too much in the states yet, though it’s only Monday so that could change.

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