Pick Jennifer Lopez’s Next Wacky Red Carpet Look

Her favorite designer Zuhair Murad just presented his new “couture” collection. Which of the outfits should she wear next?

1. If you think you don’t know Zuhair Murad, think again. He’s the man responsible for this jumpsuit:

Scott Barbour / Getty Images
ID: 836621

2. And THIS jumpsuit:

ID: 836663

3. Along with this alleged dress:

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
ID: 836583

4. And this one:

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
ID: 836606

5. And maybe most importantly, this nip — er, dress:

Getty Images

Well Murad just put on his “couture” show in Paris. So Jennifer Lopez and Kristen Stewart must be incredibly busy at this very moment picking out what they’ll wear everywhere for the next three months. Which looks should they go with?

ID: 836652

6. Grecian on performance enhancing drugs?

Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters
ID: 836331

7. Graphing paper-inspired jumpsuit?

ID: 836478

8. There’s also the “look at my thong panties” special.

ID: 836494

9. Or the “wrought iron gate” look.

ID: 836497

10. I’m especially fond of his curtain-sized sleeves.

ID: 836500

11. Metal onesies.

ID: 836547

12. And flare for mixing patterns.

ID: 836550

13. Or maybe they’d prefer to look naked but still expensive in this:

ID: 836557

14. And possibly, if they’re feeling really wild, they’d like to hide their boobs in this blousey thing.

Which they won’t, but now you know they have the option.

ID: 836560

15. They’ve never been especially conservative dressers, but attention must be brought to these astounding cape/coat things.

ID: 836570
ID: 836574

17. And then there’s my personal favorite, the golden goose:

So what should J. Lo wear next? Leave your suggestions in comments!

ID: 836580

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