Naomi Campbell: Twitter’s Premiere Self-Help Guru

Everyone on Twitter thinks they have great life advice, a quotable quote, a reason for putting 140 characters or less into the world. Well, Naomi has all those things in SPADES — and she is touching people. One tweet at a time.

1. These sorts of platitudes make up the bulk of Naomi Campbell’s Twitter feed.

Anna North’s reaction: this tweet “sort of seems like a misunderstanding of botany.”

3. As you can see, Naomi’s Life Rules are consistently favorited and retweeted.

10. Though most of her tweets seem to be of divine origin, she has moments that make you go, “She’s like… a real person!!!”

11. The fans let her know how special these little gems are:

12. She also uses Twitter to engage with her friends.

13. “W” magazine’s fashion director answers her pressing queries with the utmost seriousness.

14. Because when it comes to showing people how to live their best lives, Naomi is only serious.

17. How can you NOT be jealous of this interaction?

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