Kate Hudson’s Topless Glamour Cover Hints At Fashion-World Conspiracy

It’s a sign: They don’t want us to wear shirts anymore.

1. Here’s the latest cover of Glamour, starring Kate Hudson and her strategically positioned arm.

ID: 960842

Given that fashion magazines are supposed to sell us clothes — which one would think would require dressing cover models in more than jeans and pearls on chains — what gives?

ID: 960925

3. The recent Marc Jacobs show hints at a burgeoning topless conspiracy.

Keith Bedford / Reuters
ID: 961010

— a push for women to ditch real clothes in favor of wildly expensive accessories that sell better and account for the bulk of luxury brands’ revenue. Will they laugh at us when the trend catches on, and women everywhere just give up on legit shirts?

Marc Jacobs sort of took the trend with him to Paris for his Louis Vuitton show.

ID: 961035

5. Where this model got to wear only a bra.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
ID: 961118

6. And Kate Moss pretty much just wore embroidery.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
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7. So maybe the “no shirt” look is really a new thing.

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