Horrible-Looking Hair Is Apparently The New Hotness

Which is GREAT for women who hate doing their hair.

1. New York’s most important designer, Marc Jacobs, put these messy, matted, mullet wigs on his models for his fall 2013 show.

Keith Bedford / Reuters
ID: 903330

It is a bold and welcome rejection of:

1. Straightening irons.
2. Salt sprays.
3. Curling irons.
4. Anti-frizz anything.
5. Hair of high-maintenance lengths.
6. The boring wavy hair style that every single woman on TV has.

ID: 903531

3. In London, Simone Rocha also sent models out with anti-news anchor hair.

Eamonn McCormack / Getty Images
ID: 903334
Eamonn McCormack / Getty Images
ID: 903345

5. And the Ashish show in London offered a more exaggerated version of the bedhead.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images
ID: 903349

6. Frizz it, spike it, leave it.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

And then, judging by this outfit, go rock climbing.

ID: 903377

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