Helen Hunt Wore H&M To The Oscars

A lady need not bother with Valentino when she can wear an everywoman brand and look amazing.

1. Rather than a couture designer creation, Helen Hunt wore a navy blue dress by H&M to the Academy Awards.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

“H&M has designed a special gown to match the beauty and the talent of Helen Hunt,” the brand announced in a press release. “The couture midnightblue full length gown is silk satin and strapless, and was made specially for the Oscar occasion.”

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Jason Merritt / Getty Images

This is huge for H&M, which has earned considerable fashion cred for its high-fashion designer collaborations over the past several years. It’s also a shrewd move for Hunt, who heightens her relatability by wearing a dress by a brand average women shop at — something that’s been instrumental in the Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton’s image molding.

Hunt’s gown is custom — no word on H&M having plans to sell it in stores. With so many awkward dresses on this carpet they certainly win points for making something classic and appealing.

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