20 Pairs Of Uggs That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

Or at least, footwear just generally.

1. “Chanel” Uggs

ID: 1079117

2. Jimmy Choo Uggs

Jimmy Choo rarely lets us down. This collaboration was the most egregious exception.

ID: 1079159

3. Embroidered Uggs

ID: 1079168

5. Batman Uggs

ID: 1079214

6. Ed Hardy Uggs

ID: 1079230

7. Uggs designed by Demi Lovato

For a charity auction.

ID: 1079235

8. Uggs designed by Selena Gomez

For the same charity auction.

ID: 1079244

9. Uggs Designed by Rachael Ray

Charity again.

ID: 1079450

10. One Direction Uggs

ID: 1079265

11. Iridescent Pink Sequin Uggs

ID: 1079275

12. Denim Uggs

ID: 1079286

13. Floral Uggs

ID: 1079298

14. Western Uggs

ID: 1079315

15. Pastel Logo Uggs

ID: 1079326

16. Space Uggs

ID: 1079371

17. Hello Kitty Uggs

ID: 1079376

18. Custom Bedazzled Uggs

“I will rhinestone your uggs for $35. You will have to send me your uggs in the mail and I will bling them out for you,” promises this Etsy seller.

ID: 1079383

19. Crystal and Pearl Uggs

ID: 1079398

20. Justin Bieber Painted Uggs

ID: 1079408

And no, “Uggs” aren’t even a good look on adorable kitties.

Damn you, Pinterest.

ID: 1079200

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