14 Reasons Roberto Cavalli Is The Best Fashion Designer On The Internet

Until he started tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging, Cavalli was best known for hist statement-making leopard-printed clothes. But now that he’s all over the internet? He’s a remarkably (for a fashion person) self-aware hurricane force of fun that cannot be stopped.

MAX ROSSI / Reuters

Roberto Cavalli with his dog at Milan Fashion Week in February.

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Here’s why Roberto Cavalli is absolutely genius and wildly entertaining on the Internet.

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1. He tweets the same thing over and over again, but just changes the photo.

“IF YOU LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT ME” is most definitely his Twitter catch phrase.

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2. He tweets lots of photos of himself sitting on leopard-print furniture.

IF YOU LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT ROBERTO… He is so rich/fabulous he outfits the deck of his yacht with upholstered leopard couches.

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His dog Lupo (translates to “wolf”) frequently guest stars in Roberto’s social media.

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3. He treats his dog as an equal/offspring.

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4. He’s just like us: sometimes insecure.

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5. He’s just like us: he tweets about going to graduations.

Here he is with his wife and son.

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6. Like any embarrassing dad just getting to know the web, he blogged about “our fragile and excited bambino now grown into a man!”

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7. He fears not his own emotions.

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8. He pillow talks to his followers.

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9. His English writing is shamelessly, undeniably — and DELIGHTFULLY — Italian.

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10. He is not afraid to humbly blog about when he hasn’t been doing his best work.

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For your reference, this is the Just Cavalli line to which he refers:

MAX ROSSI / Reuters
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MAX ROSSI / Reuters
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Tullio M. Puglia / Getty Images
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Tullio M. Puglia / Getty Images
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Tullio M. Puglia / Getty Images
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11. He decorates his Facebook page with avant garde images of animals wearing clothing.

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12. He understands well the art of suspense.

Which not nearly enough bloggers use this effectively in posts.

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13. He signs his blog posts “I LOVE YOU.”

And then adds a hand-written signature.

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14. He ends blog posts with annotated maps of the places he’s described.

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