10 Male Models You Must Follow On Twitter And Instagram Immediately

Male models are some of the most beautiful and ridiculous people on the planet. If you’re not following a few of them on Twitter, you just shouldn’t even be on Twitter.

1. 1. Sebastian Sauvé

He’s known for his chiseled cheekbones and pillowy pout, but he’s not nearly this serious IRL.

2. He’s probably the last person who needs a bag over his head.

But he’s just silly like that.

3. He has major sand-in-the-face game.

4. His posts get slightly awkward sometimes, but that’s just because he brings the #realness.


5. He’s also great with words.

Follow Sebastian on Twitter and Instagram.

7. 2. Francisco Lachowski

If you think this one looks like a sensitive soul, you’re right.

8. He shares photos of his cat.

“I want to be your cat :3”


10. You just can’t ask for more than male models + cats.

See also: this.

11. Warning: Francisco likes to speak primarily in hashtags.

Hot #sun in #NY

— FrancyLachowski (@Francisco Lachowski)

12. They won’t always make sense, but they’re still endearing.

At #home

— FrancyLachowski (@Francisco Lachowski)

Follow Francisco on Twitter and Instagram.

14. 3. Sean O’Pry

This guy is like the number one male model in the world. Yes, take it in.

15. He owns a “lion” now!

I own a lion now.

— Seanopry55 (@Sean O'Pry)

16. This is the kind of wonderfulness you get from his Instagram. I mean.

17. He’s efficient when it comes to writing.


— Seanopry55 (@Sean O'Pry)

Hey NYC.

— Seanopry55 (@Sean O'Pry)

19. But he always speaks in absolute truths.

I hate the DMV.

— Seanopry55 (@Sean O'Pry)

Follow Sean on Twitter and Instagram.

21. 4. Simon Nessman

So, this is Simon. Glorious is probably the word you’re looking for.

22. What’s really great about Simon are his platitudes.

Being a model is not a very easy thing. The real value of all this is the time I have wasted my youth.

— simonnessman (@Simon Nessman)

I admire those who can go to the bakery and get out of there with only bread.

— simonnessman (@Simon Nessman)

24. He’s Canadian.

The Brazil is losing its position to the protests!

— simonnessman (@Simon Nessman)

25. Also, he has great values.

Stop snorting cocaine and go smell a book.

— simonnessman (@Simon Nessman)

Follow Simon on Twitter.

27. 5. Matthew Terry

“Ugh” is right. Goodness.

28. Matthew is great at expressing emotion on Vine.

Trippy screen saver 😳

— MrMattTerry (@Matthew Terry)

29. Matthew also really lets you into his life. Isn’t his mom amazing on the piano?!

My mom mom shredding on the piano. Song title: Eb Tide

— MrMattTerry (@Matthew Terry)

30. He’s incredibly observant.

So many cut-offs in this restaurant 😳

— MrMattTerry (@Matthew Terry)

31. And articulate.

Drown your dreams in a pool of reality, then bring them back to life

— MrMattTerry (@Matthew Terry)

I love colors

— MrMattTerry (@Matthew Terry)

Follow Matthew on Twitter.

34. 6. Baptiste Giabiconi

Baptiste is truly an amazing personality, celebrity, model, and French person.

35. If you’re not familiar with Baptiste, watch his debut video for his single “Showtime.”

After serving as Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for a little while, Baptiste went on to tear up the pop charts. “Real-life Zoolander” hardly captures his magic.

36. If you follow him on Twitter/Instagram, you’ll find out all about his second album!

I absolutely cannot wait.

37. The first thing you’ll learn about Baptiste is that he’s shameless.

38. He also has great style.

View this embed ›

39. And he’s constantly sharing footage of the beautiful scenery all around him.

View this embed ›

40. And most importantly, he loves you.

Bonne nuit mes anges 😘

— B_Giabiconi (@Baptiste Giabiconi)

Follow Baptiste on Twitter and Instagram.

42. 7. Godfrey Gao

If he looks contemplative, you’re right.

43. This is a man who never fails to find the beauty in the everyday.

View this embed ›

44. Along with himself.

As you would, if you looked like this.

45. Through Godfrey’s tweets, you will live the life of luxury vicariously.

46. He lives a James Bondian existence, really.

47. And can Instagram photos of fried food without making it look disgusting.

Follow Godfrey on Twitter and Instagram.

49. 8. Shaun Ross

Models are chameleons by trade, and Shaun is one of the best.

50. He’s soulful.

51. He’s not afraid for you to know the secrets to his beauty.

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52. He also likes puppies.

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53. And doesn’t forget the little people.

Follow Shaun on Twitter and Instagram.

55. 9. Niall Underwood

I think Niall is my favorite rising star male model. You’re about to see why.

56. He’s just brilliant.

signed a contract with mgm in paris last night

— niallunderwood (@NIALL UNDERWOOD)

barely know what that means but it involved lots of kissing french women on both cheeks

— niallunderwood (@NIALL UNDERWOOD)

58. His rejection of grammar is somehow poetic.

being late for eurostar is so much savager than being late for a flight cos u dnt get to whiz through the airport on that little car thing

— niallunderwood (@NIALL UNDERWOOD)

59. He says what everyone is thinking.

i find engaging in any level of activity on sundays especially hard and not cos i'm a party animal or a christian idk why i jst can't do it

— niallunderwood (@NIALL UNDERWOOD)

i wish i could do things

— niallunderwood (@NIALL UNDERWOOD)


— niallunderwood (@NIALL UNDERWOOD)

Follow Niall on Twitter.

63. 10. Matthew Bell

Plus 10 for the pun in this headline.

64. Even though this is not the best way to treat pond life, you can tell Matthew really loves animals.

Conor caught a terrapin. What else to do on a sunny afternoon? #dazedmodelarmy

— MatthewBell93 (@Matthew Bell)

65. Matthew isn’t afraid to be honest.

I don't get it, why is Milan such a shit hole?

— MatthewBell93 (@Matthew Bell)

66. And if you follow Matthew, you’ll get really amazing behind-the-scenes footage from shows.


— MatthewBell93 (@Matthew Bell)

67. But the best thing about Matthew is his Twitter background.

I told you he really loves animals.

Follow Matthew on Twitter.

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