20 Haunting Pictures Of Abandoned Asylums

Abandoned mental asylums litter forgotten landscapes across the world. But these spooky buildings don’t compare to the fright you’ll experience inside the notorious Briarcliff Manor, the setting of American Horror Story: Asylum.

1. Cane Hill Asylum (England)

2. Henryton State Hospital (Maryland)

3. Whittingham Asylum (England)

4. Stone House Hospital (England)

5. Norwich State Hospital (Connecticut)

6. South Carolina State Hospital (South Carolina)

7. Hart Island Women’s Asylum (New York)

8. Pennhurst State Hospital (Pennsylvania)

9. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (West Virginia)

10. Kings Park Psychiatric Center (New York)

11. Pilgram State Hospital (New York)

12. Severalls Hospital (England)

13. Hellingly Mental Asylum (England)

14. Northampton State Lunatic Asylum

15. Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital (New Jersey)

16. Linda Vista Community Hospital (California)

17. Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Kentucky)

18. Lier Mental Hospital (Norway)

19. Traverse City State Hospital (Michigan)

20. West Park Hospital (England)

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