The 25 Best Fashion Moments On “Friends”

This show feels like a lifetime ago and yet the fashion feels so NOW.

1. When Chandler challenged Joey’s dapper headgear

ID: 1081773

2. When everyone wore dresses over T-shirts

ID: 1081777

3. When Phoebe made a music video for Smelly Cat

It’s not your fault, Phebes.

ID: 1081781

4. When Ross and Chandler embraced the 80s

They can’t believe how stupid they used to look.

ID: 1081784

5. When the girls dressed up to stay in

ID: 1081791

6. When Joey used fashion for sweet, underwear-less revenge

ID: 1081796

7. When Red Ross got into the rugby spirit

ID: 1081803

8. When Phoebe showed us her bra

It’s very, very nice.

ID: 1081804

9. When Monica had to wear this to work

ID: 1081806

10. When Ross couldn’t find a Santa costume

He’s the representative of all the southern states and…Mexico!

ID: 1081809

11. When Monica COULD find Chandler a bunny costume

ID: 1081811

12. When Phoebe learned a big secret in this furry orange coat

ID: 1081813

13. When Joey tried to dress like the 19-year-olds do

Sup with the whack Playstation sup?

ID: 1081817

14. When everyone wore these sweet graphic tees

ID: 1081821

15. When Joey wore ladies’ underwear

ID: 1081823

16. When Monica thought this was sexy

ID: 1081827

17. When Chandler found these cool kicks

ID: 1081830

18. When Ross and Joey wore the same shirt

ID: 1081833

20. Sometimes it’s about the accessories, like when Ross wore these sweet name tags

ID: 1081838

21. Or when Monica wore this turkey on her head

ID: 1081844

22. When it’s about what you’re NOT wearing

While drinking tea.

ID: 1081848

23. Let’s not forget all the great pants moments, like Joey’s Thanksgiving pants

ID: 1081852

24. And Ross’s paste pants

ID: 1081855

25. And of course, Phoebe’s maternity pants

They even come with a list of baby names!

ID: 1081856

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