Kate Upton Set To Feature In “Golf Digest” Photoshoot

She really is, alongside golf legend Arnold Palmer.

1. Kate tweeted a photo from the magazine’s shoot, wearing mis-matched patterns because that’s the sort of thing golfers do.

Twitter / @kateupton
ID: 1671883

2. Golf Digest have also uploaded a behind-the-scenes video filmed on set.

(Upton’s manager apparently has “family links” to Palmer, hence the gig.)

ID: 1671872

3. Palmer is, apparently, struggling with his putting technique.

Which I think we’d all at least pretend to be struggling with if we knew golf instructor KATE UPTON was nearby and ready to help.

ID: 1671871

4. And look, here she is! Giving helpful hints!

ID: 1671870

5. And would you look at that, success!

ID: 1671873

6. Palmer’s scored.

ID: 1671874

7. Yay! The end.

ID: 1671869

8. Kate’s shoot will feature in Golf Digest’s December issue, out November 5th.

ID: 1671893

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