18 Fun Facts About This Year’s Miss USA Contestants

“Staci Jo’s hidden talent is that she can give a cat an IV line.” Never say the 2013 Miss USA pageant girls aren’t a diverse bunch.

1. Miss Kansas, Staci Jo Klinginsmith

ID: 1274772

2. Miss Georgia, Brittany Sharp

ID: 1274763

3. Miss Idaho, Marissa Wickland

ID: 1274767

4. Miss Massachusetts, Sarah Kidd

Bonus fun fact: Sarah is obsessed with bananas.

ID: 1274785

5. Miss Arizona, Rachel Massie

ID: 1274734

6. Miss Florida, Michelle Aguirre

ID: 1274755

7. Miss South Carolina, Megan Pinckney

ID: 1274824

8. Miss Missouri, Ellie Holtman

ID: 1274788

9. Miss Oklahoma, Makenzie Muse

ID: 1274793

10. Miss Louisiana, Kristen Girault

ID: 1274776

11. Miss Michigan, Jaclyn Schultz

ID: 1274786

12. Miss District of Columbia, Jessica Frith

Bonus fun fact: Jessica made it to the top 100 during American Idol’s tenth season.

ID: 1274745

13. Miss Maryland, Kasey Staniszewski

ID: 1274781

14. Miss Tennessee, Brenna Mader

ID: 1274796

15. Miss Arkansas, Hannah Billingsley

ID: 1274740

16. Miss New York, Joanne Nosuchinsky

ID: 1274812

17. Miss Kentucky, Allie Mae Leggett

ID: 1274804

18. Miss Oregon, Gabrielle Neilan

(Giving someone the pickle means giving them the best customer service, apparently. Oh, phlebotomists!)

ID: 1274820

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