18 Fun Facts About This Year’s Miss USA Contestants

“Staci Jo’s hidden talent is that she can give a cat an IV line.” Never say the 2013 Miss USA pageant girls aren’t a diverse bunch.

1. Miss Kansas, Staci Jo Klinginsmith

2. Miss Georgia, Brittany Sharp

3. Miss Idaho, Marissa Wickland

4. Miss Massachusetts, Sarah Kidd

Bonus fun fact: Sarah is obsessed with bananas.

5. Miss Arizona, Rachel Massie

6. Miss Florida, Michelle Aguirre

7. Miss South Carolina, Megan Pinckney

8. Miss Missouri, Ellie Holtman

9. Miss Oklahoma, Makenzie Muse

10. Miss Louisiana, Kristen Girault

11. Miss Michigan, Jaclyn Schultz

12. Miss District of Columbia, Jessica Frith

Bonus fun fact: Jessica made it to the top 100 during American Idol’s tenth season.

13. Miss Maryland, Kasey Staniszewski

14. Miss Tennessee, Brenna Mader

15. Miss Arkansas, Hannah Billingsley

16. Miss New York, Joanne Nosuchinsky

17. Miss Kentucky, Allie Mae Leggett

18. Miss Oregon, Gabrielle Neilan

(Giving someone the pickle means giving them the best customer service, apparently. Oh, phlebotomists!)

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