7 More Ways To Style A Home Depot Painter’s Jumpsuit Than You Ever Thought You’d Need

In other words, seven ways total. All courtesy of CR Fashion Book editor Carine Roitfeld.

This is legitimately a fashion shoot focused entirely on a $9.50 disposable Kleenguard painter’s jumpsuit purchased from Home Depot, because where else do fashionable people shop these days?

And these are all the different ways you can, apparently, style it:

ID: 1464479

1. This is “a modern take on ’80s Madonna.”

ID: 1464468

2. This is “the day suit.”

ID: 1464469

3. Whereas this is “the prim suit.”

ID: 1464467

4. And, by the simple virtue of adding a white t-shirt into the mix, this is “the sporty suit.”

ID: 1464470

5. This one’s easy: “the sailor suit.”

ID: 1464473

6. Moving on to “the night suit.”

ID: 1464472

7. And “the dancer suit,” because that’s what happens when you throw caution to the wind and an American Apparel tutu into the mix!

ID: 1464471

This concludes your “did that really happen?” Fashion piece for the day.

And please note, you will never be able to repaint your lounge wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt you used to wear to the gym again. YOU NEED A TUTU.

ID: 1487378

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