26 Reasons Why Naomi Campbell Is The Best Reality TV Star Ever

From now on, it’s game on and more of the supermodel’s best moments as a second season of The Face is confirmed.

Good news: Oxygen has greenlit a second season of epic modeling competition The Face, with a British spin-off also debuting this summer. And with Naomi Campbell remaining in her role as executive producer and coach, here’s a sprinkling of the sass, strategy and superbly gif-able reactions that’ll hopefully be returning to screens:

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1. She makes dramatic entrances.

ID: 1058616

2. She winks saucily.

Seriously, who isn’t swooning at the thought of this wink directed at them?

ID: 1058881

3. She snaps enthusiastically.

ID: 1058743

4. She blinks.

ID: 1058522

5. She doesn’t always play nice.

ID: 1058510

6. She shares fortune cookie-worthy advice.

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7. She employs devious strategies in her quest for the win.

(Zi Lin, so robbed.)

ID: 1058540

8. She stares you down.

Stares so hard you’re like, “sinkhole, take me now.”

ID: 1058500

9. She offers constructive criticisms in person.

After all, reading is fundamental.

ID: 1058825

10. And offers equally constructive criticism via Twitter.

ID: 1058497

11. She cackles gloriously.

ID: 1058501

12. She continues to cackle gloriously.

ID: 1058541

13. She cackles gloriously so hard she almost faints.

ID: 1058880

14. She dismisses arguments with a single hair flip.

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15. She cusses when necessary.

ID: 1058673

16. She vents her frustrations.

ID: 1058515

17. Still venting frustrations.

ID: 1058621

18. She enjoys comfortable director’s chairs.

(Just kidding, she’s preparing to vent more frustrations still.)

ID: 1058694

19. She asks good questions and answers them herself.

ID: 1058740

20. She nods along when you’re talking.

(But she’s not actually paying attention.)

ID: 1058742

21. She gets emotional.

ID: 1058532

22. Totally genuinely emotional.

ID: 1058739

23. She frequently reminds us of her legendary status in the industry.

(You know, apart from all the RL antics.)

ID: 1058815

24. She waves giddy jazz hands gracefully.

ID: 1058883

25. She calmly demands that filming stop whenever she’s unhappy.

ID: 1058882

26. And helpfully reminds us all to watch out… for future episodes.

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