21 Ways You Are Joey Ramone

Gabba gabba heyyyyyyyyy.

This is Jeffrey Ross Hyman, aka Joey Ramone. He was a rock star. But he was also super relatable.

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1. Like maybe you’d like to think you look cool and badass, but you know you’re ultimately a doofus.

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2. With a refined goofy side.

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3. You can also be sensitive and sorta shy.

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We feel you, Joey.

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4. So sensitive.

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5. Maybe ‘cause one of your friends stole your girlfriend?

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Not cool, Johnny.

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6. But really, you’re just cool being you.

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7. You’re a t-shirt and jeans person. Always.

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8. You just wanna be silly and have fun.

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9. And hang out with your friends.

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Roberta Bayley/Redferns

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10. It might be awkward-looking fun, but still.

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11. Most of your actions scream, “I’m not 100% comfortable in my own skin, but hellllllo there, let’s give it a shot.”


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12. You do like to cut loose now and then.

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13. And secretly like being the center of attention sometimes.

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14. You know that life can be kinda boring.

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15. And confusing.

I mean, what do you even do with this thing?

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16. No matter how old you get, your wardrobe stays 16.

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17. You inspire admiration from likeminded misfits.

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18. You can be a space cadet.

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19. You appreciate the simple things in life.

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20. Like pizza.

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21. And cats.

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So thank you for being you, Joey. You were the best.

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