This Dog Will Teach You How To Drink From A Water Fountain

Pay close attention.

1. Feel free to start things off slowly. This water’s not goin’ anywhere.

ID: 1703695

2. Stare out into the middle distance with steely determination. LET THE DRINKING BEGIN.

ID: 1703692

3. OK now get right in there.

ID: 1703655

4. Ahhhh, maybe the water pressure is intense or it’s really cold or something, but it’s OK, don’t be deterred. This is YOUR TIME.

ID: 1703697

5. Shoot, hold on a sec, it appears I’ve lost the stream. COME BAAAAAACK.

ID: 1703701

6. THERE it is.

ID: 1703704

7. Pro tip: when you’re drinking water from a fountain, no one can tell when you’re also slobbering. Use this new knowledge with discretion.

ID: 1703707

8. Sorry, I’m a little distracted right now.

ID: 1703711

9. *literally no thoughts happening*

ID: 1703713

10. Aaaaand that’s all it takes. L8r suckers!

ID: 1703716

11. All photos via Tumblr user generic-jackal.

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