How To Eat Nothing But Watermelon All Summer

All melon everything.

1. First of all: TABLE SETTING.

Watermelon centerpiece to end all watermelon centerpieces.

If you’re feeling superhuman, here are some carving instructions.

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2. Aaaaand time to eat. Feta sliders with watermelon bun? Yes.

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Recipe here.

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3. Watermelon and feta puzzles.

Recipe here.

ID: 1312111

4. Watermelon with balsamic kiddie pool. So goddamn adorable.

Recipe here.

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5. Rum-soaked watermelon with goat cheese and mint. Classy rondelle.

Recipe here.

ID: 1312623

6. Grilled watermelon salad. In a watermelon.

Recipe here.

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7. Watermelon gazpacho. Classic.

Recipe here.

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8. Quiz: Ahi tuna or watermelon “steak”?

Answer: duh. Recipe here.

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9. Pickled watermelon salad. Kind of ingenious.

Recipe here.

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10. Right, food… anyway, TIME TO DRINK.

Directions for melon-kegging here.

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11. Watermelon mojito. Mandatory.

Recipe here.

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12. Watermelon spritzer with lemon and honey. Not boozy, but refreshing as hell.

Recipe here.

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13. Watermelon. Frosty.

Obligatory watermelon garnish. You know, it is possible to have too much of a good thi—JK, this is amazing.

Recipe here.

ID: 1312087

14. Frosty + chia seeds.

Healthy touch, but also super pretty. Recipe here.

ID: 1312173

15. AND watermelon for dessert? Obviously. Here’s some watermelon ice cream cake.

Recipe here.

ID: 1312803

16. Dipped in the good stuff.

Recipe here.

ID: 1312060

17. Oh my god this watermelon sorbet.

Recipe here.

ID: 1312073

18. Swirly watermelon macarons.

Recipe here.

ID: 1312740

19. Watermelon popsicles. (With some other fruit, I guess.)

Recipe here.

ID: 1312844

20. Watermelon mint julep pops.

Nice watermelon plate. Recipe here.

ID: 1312950

21. Or just watermelon OREOS.

Real, and available.

ID: 1314416

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