34 College Fans Who Know The Real Meaning Of School Spirit

There are fans, and then there are fans.

1. The man hidden behind this Clemson backpiece.

Good god.

ID: 1515775

2. This Butler bro who subsists on fandom.

Getty/Andy Lyons/Staff

And schadenfreude.

ID: 1515323

3. This Arkansas shaman.

ID: 1514081

4. These Jim Boeheim fanatics.

Getty/Jared Wickerham/Stringer
ID: 1514630

5. This ‘Noles fan who refuses to miss a minute.

Getty/Mike Ehrmann/Staff
ID: 1514440

6. This UGA kid in kabuki makeup.

He sounds like a cross between a black metal singer and Macho Man.

ID: 1517741

7. The guy with this epic Bear Bryant backpiece.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
ID: 1518629

8. This Baylor women’s basketball fan.

Getty/Doug Pensinger/Staff
ID: 1514545

9. This ink’d-up Longhorn.

Texas forevvvvver.

ID: 1514723

10. This intense Stanford fan.

ID: 1514128

11. This committed family of Vols fans.

ID: 1514766

12. This full-sleeved Buckeye.

ID: 1518251

13. This artfully shaved Hurricane fan.

ID: 1518445

14. This rabbit ear’d Notre Dame diehard.

ID: 1514247

15. Whoever made this Florida Gulf Coast shirt.

ID: 1514830

16. This FGCU cheerleader and mascot.

Cheerleaders and mascots are basically fans anyway, right?

ID: 1514894

17. This furry Mizzou enthusiast.

ID: 1517762

18. This Michigan State cheerleader who was NOT OKAY with Wisconsin’s mascot hijacking the Spartan flag.

ID: 1518593

19. This Duke fan who has her priorities straight.

Getty/Kevin C. Cox/Staff
ID: 1515330

20. The owner of this Tide tattoo.

ID: 1518185

21. This Wolverine-wrapped Jeep driver.

ID: 1518698

22. This Gators fan who’s all in.

ID: 1518720

23. These prancing NC State crowdpleasers.

ID: 1515899

24. This guy with a permanent tribute to Auburn’s fight song.

ID: 1518325

25. This possessed Michigan State saxophonist.

ID: 1515452

26. This Rams fan who knows what’s at stake.

ID: 1515435

27. This Cal trio.


ID: 1515540

28. This Tide maniac.

ID: 1515691

29. This LSU manscaper.

ID: 1517628

30. This Lamborghini.

And the guy who owns it, I guess.

ID: 1515722

31. This ‘Bama baby.

Getty/Harry How/Staff
ID: 1515756

32. This clever ginger Longhorn.

ID: 1517643

33. This Razorback punk.

ID: 1518216

34. The eternally rabid Huskers fan who will rest here.

ID: 1515361

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