Kendrick Perkins Just Sold His Lovable English Bulldog For $1,500 Through Pics On Twitter

He had to because the dog was getting big and he was worried for his youngest child. But the story had a happy ending. posted on

1. Kendrick Perkins had to sell his dog because of his young child, so naturally he took to Twitter to get it done.

Bob Levey / Getty Images

Hey I have a English bulldog and he to big to be around my youngest child he 10 months got his papers and he got a micro chip.

We paid about 3,000 for him but its not the the money we want to sell him for 1,500 but we will work with you just want a good home for him

I just don't want to sell him but we don't have time for him taking bids now

I will work with the family who wants him 1,500 is the asking price but we can negotiate the price. Just want him to have a good family

12. Not everybody was happy about him selling his dog the way he did though.

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