Eminem Dyed His Hair Blonde For A "Marshall Mathers" Sequel And No One Can Handle It

Shady’s back, tell a friend.

1. While most of the attention at the VMA’s went to the curious case of Miley Cyrus, there was also a major announcement that Eminem would be releasing a new album on November 5th.

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2. He joined Instagram last week just in time to preview the VMA’s announcement.

3. The album is buzzworthy because unlike his recent work, it’s a sequel to one of his classic albums, The Marshall Mathers LP, suggesting that he’s going back to his roots.


4. He even has blonde hair again.

5. Fans are predictably besides themselves.

Eminem's new single drops tomorrow. Nothing else matters. Not even school.

— TexasVegetarian (@Naissa Lopez)

Damn so Eminem's new album will be called Marshall Mathers LP 2. Big name to live up to I'm excited for it though.

— RamaChicago (@R9bM9b)

Top rappers alive 1.) Eminem 2.) Slim Shady 3.) Marshall Mathers 4.) B Rabbit 5.) The white guy from D-12

— SDOTB (@S Dot B)

Eminem should have won a VMA just for announcing his new album. #MMLP2

— harjitwashere (@Harjit Bhandal)

Eminem is putting out a sequel to the MMLP.....nothing else matters now.

— ericthefall (@Eric Lambert)

11. They think rappers should choose a new profession now that Shady’s back.

Rappers when they saw Eminem's blond hair

— eminempicsx (@EMINeM PICTURES ™)

Ommmmmmg Eminems new album is called Marshall Mathers LP 2, he dyed his hair back blonde & everything. Yep, it's over for the rap game.

— LoneWolfBreezy (@Daddy)

13. This Beats commercial features a preview of “Berzerk,” his first single out Tuesday.

14. Legendary producers Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre worked on the album with Eminem.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images


15. Here are some lyrics from “Berzerk” to properly get you excited for the single’s release on Tuesday.

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