Diary Of A Mean Girl: Kobe Bryant Unfollows Dwight Howard On Twitter

Despite reports, teammate Pau Gasol did not join Bryant in making Howard feel left out.

1. Kobe Bryant is a legend and super demanding on his teammates, but he and Dwight Howard were pals.

Wally Sklaij/Los Angeles Times/__username__

2. They gossiped.

Brent Smith / Reuters

3. They synchronized cool moves like this.

Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/__username__

4. Kobe made this face when he was judging somebody.

John Bazemore / AP

5. And they were just always down for hugs.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

6. But Howard, who was testing free agency, did this. He signed with the Houston Rockets. Uh-oh.

7. He made his new relationship official on Twitter.

I've decided to become a member of the Houston Rockets. I feel its the best place for me and I am excited (cont) http://t.co/h8WK4yP3zB

— DwightHoward (@Dwight Howard)

8. Kobe was all, “No you didn’t.”

9. In an all-time historic burn, Kobe took to TWO social networks to let Howard know how he felt.

On Instagram he posted this photo with Pau Gasol to show who his new bestie was, with the caption, “We go together, Laker heart” and his nickname Vino, which also means wine in Spanish, which is also what he and Howard won’t be drinking during slumber parties anymore.

10. Then he hit the unfollow button on Twitter. Take that, Dwight! He can’t see your tweets in his timeline anymore unless he goes to your profile — which he will — just to see what you’ve been up to. But then he’ll roll his eyes and leave the page.

11. In a twist, ESPN reporter Darren Rovell announced that Gasol had unfollowed Howard too, but a look at who he follows shows that he was always following him since Twitter sorts followers by when you followed them and he is well down the list.

@darrenrovell He never unfollowed him. Twitter sorts your "Following" list by date you followed. You screwed up. Admit it.

— GregariousMatt (@Matt Morrison)

12. But despite taking Howard out of his social media life, Kobe won’t soon forget the times Dwight had his back.

Bill Waugh / Reuters

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