22 Times Your Food Is Out To Get You

Why won’t you just let me eat you in peace, food???

1. When your ketchup is too stubborn to come out of the bottle.

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Or if it does come out, there’s that gross ketchup water that goes everywhere.

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2. When your slush does this.

ID: 1711283

3. When spinach leaves that weird chalky feeling on your teeth.

Which, according to science, comes from how much oxalic acid it contains.

ID: 1748555

4. When powdered sugar makes you choke and cough and basically tries to kill you.

ID: 1748664

5. When your Klondike bar just HAS to break halfway through eating it.

Even more painful in slo-mo.

ID: 1748718

6. When the jelly in your donut squeezes out and makes a huge mess.

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ID: 1748906

7. When popcorn kernels wedge between your teeth.

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ID: 1748970

8. When the sharp edge of a tortilla chip stabs the roof of your mouth.

Someone needs to warn this dog.

ID: 1749079

9. When one side of the hamburger bun inevitably ends up smaller than the other so you have to touch the greasy meat when you pick it up.

ID: 1749178

10. When you’re eating pizza and the melted cheese gets all over your face.

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And you can literally feel the pimples forming because of all that grease.

ID: 1749203

11. When your muffin starts sticking to the wrapper.

ID: 1751630

12. When this white stuff that kind of tastes like a dry spider web gets in your mouth.

It’s called the “pith,” in case you’re wondering.

ID: 1749230

13. When your steak turns out to be mostly gristle.

ID: 1749239

14. When your ice cream does this.

Ugh, I didn’t want literal ice.

ID: 1749266

15. When there’s some hardheaded peanut butter that just won’t come out of the jar.

ID: 1749359

16. When candy gets stuck to the wrapper and you end up eating a little of the paper and gluey stuff that kept the wrapper together.

Cough cough Starburst.

ID: 1751650

17. The blue tongue epidemic.

ID: 1752509

18. When your milkshake is waaaayy too thick.

Cool, I’m glad I can’t even drink this thing that I bought for the EXPRESS PURPOSE OF DRINKING.

ID: 1752135

19. When your ice cream is so hard that it’s impossible to scoop.

This person literally had to use a knife. A KNIFE.

ID: 1752162

20. When barbecue sauce decides it would much rather cover your entire face and hands than the chicken IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ON.

Tim Shaffer / Reuters
ID: 1752445

21. When all the chip crumbs at the bottom of the bag decide to hide in the corner so you can’t get them all.

ID: 1752498

22. And this.


ID: 1752273

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