Steven Soderbergh Is (Probably) Tweeting A Novella

It’s called Glue, and it appears to be a hard-boiled European spy thriller. posted on

1. In a New York magazine interview earlier this year, Steven Soderbergh said he had a “shadow” account on Twitter.

A few days later, Collider’s Steven Weintraub said Soderbergh confirmed to him that the account is @Bitchuation. It’s unverified by Twitter, but the photo attached to the profile certainly looks like Soderbergh.

2. Late on Sunday, @Bitchuation started tweeting a novella called Glue. It started with two epigraphs, and then started in on the novella. Here is the first chapter in full.

“I am a human being, so nothing human is strange to me.” Terentius

It was difficult for you not to assume the worst after the way your funeral went down. The whole thing seemed like a parody of itself.

Like anything else, the #&%# was only valuable because everyone wanted it and nobody had it.

You’ve become the receptacle for everything forgotten, and an impulse can only be ignored for so long before people begin to wonder.

Everything that used to be a foregone conclusion was for sale—cheap—and regret was a dead battery." target="_blank">">

The window reminds you that you haven’t been in one place for more than a week in four years." target="_blank">">

H always said, “The hours are great if you agree to work whenever they want you to.”

After all, it’s easy to imagine the worst and the pay isn’t too bad, either. Why else have you been saying yes?

But now there’s a new definition of permanent, and the same page is something for everyone to get off of.

The smart move is to pull up stakes and head for the nearest cliché. But you don’t.

The hotel in Paris is a womb. No message from D." target="_blank">">

Your first memory of her was her neck. Neither of you said anything worth hearing that night, the first of three at the Nacional.

Where the entire 6th floor is wired like Marilyn’s bedroom. But that was okay. You were supposed to be married.

The American liaison had a worried look. And the joke about ordering breakfast into the lamp didn’t help.

A successful trip all in all, even if death was on the menu and your employer owns your history." target="_blank">">

Never heard if they found Luis or not. Hopefully not." target="_blank">">

A text from D. breaks the spell: Meet with S at 2000 hrs at Apt 23. _______ restaurant at 2130hrs to follow.

If S was in Paris, then so was the #&%#. Good to know." target="_blank">">

28. Soderbergh — or, at least, @Bitchuation — continues to tweet chapters on his feed.

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