18 Signs You Are Obsessed With “Chopped”

Don’t use the ice cream machine!

1. When you start criticizing fine details of gourmet food while stuffing your face with junk food.

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2. When you go to six stores trying to find one of the mystery ingredients.

Argh! Black garlic! Where are you?!

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3. When you know Maneet Chauhan will love the dish because it was spicy.

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4. When it doesn’t bother you anymore that everyone is sweating into their food.

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5. When you starting yelling at the TV whenever anyone goes to the ice cream machine.

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6. When you know someone is in trouble because they’ve under/overcooked the protein.

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7. When you base your enjoyment on the show purely on whether your favorite judge is in the panel.

Apparently, this person loves Geoffrey Zakarian and Alex Guarnaschelli.

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8. When you know more about the mystery basket ingredients than the contestants.

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9. When you delight whenever Scott Conant starts ranting about raw onions.

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10. When you notice Ted growing resentful for not being able to taste any of the food.

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11. When you repress your phobia of large knives to watch the show, EVEN AFTER SOMEONE CUTS THEMSELVES WHILE COOKING.

ID: 1515101

12. When you start referring to brand names by their generic names.

“Hey, does anyone want some ‘Sponge Cake Snacks’? No? What about a Twinkie?”

ID: 1515122

13. When you tsk the contestants for just crumbling cookies from the basket and putting them on top of the dessert.

But that would be a culinary feat in your own kitchen.

ID: 1514665

14. When you say “Open your baskets” while cooking at home.

ID: 1515289

15. When you keep the lunch lady episode on your DVR whenever you want to be inspired/have a good cry.

ID: 1515318

16. When you just know Chris Santos is not going to like someone’s dish.

ID: 1515458

17. When you have a fool-proof method for predicting someone will be chopped.

ID: 1515354

18. When you start looking at random stuff in your fridge in a totally new way.

Watermelon, Ketchup, Activia Yogurt, and San Pellegrino in a can. I can make something with that!

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