This Is The Only Version Of “Pride And Prejudice” You Need To Read

Describing this as “minimalist” would be a bit of an overstatement.

1. The Cozy Classics retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a magnificent and breathtaking retelling of one of literature’s classic stories. Obviously, it’s for children, but that doesn’t mean it’s not articulate. Although it is a little terse.

ID: 1829842

2. The characters are introduced.

ID: 1829847

3. Complex relationships are formed, gender roles examined.

ID: 1829854

4. The plot thickens.

ID: 1829875

7. Who needs all those rambling paragraphs describing the moors of the English countryside?

ID: 1829999

8. Dialogue is also really overrated.

ID: 1830006

10. The plot thickens.

ID: 1830299

12. One day you take a stroll…

ID: 1830557

13. … the next day you’re saying your nuptials.

ID: 1830697

14. So be careful who you take a walk with kids!

ID: 1830704

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