That Time Ellen DeGeneres Taught Everyone How To Hide

Or at least how long a human being can hide in a cupboard.

1. The game begins with Ellen setting out to scare her wife.

4. Almost…

5. … but not quite.

6. Time to get creative.

I just played Heads Up! with myself for an hour.

— TheEllenShow (@Ellen DeGeneres)

7. Things get gross for a little bit.

There's some jam on the wall of this cupboard. You know you've been hiding in a cupboard too long when wall jam starts to look good.

— TheEllenShow (@Ellen DeGeneres)

How could anyone get jam on a cupboard wall? That's disgusting. I wonder what flavor it is.

— TheEllenShow (@Ellen DeGeneres)

It's raspberry.

— TheEllenShow (@Ellen DeGeneres)

10. Panic sets in.

I can't believe Portia hasn't found me. Isn't she worried about where I am? After I scare the pants off her, we need to have a serious talk.

— TheEllenShow (@Ellen DeGeneres)

The housekeeper just left. I think Portia might be out. I have literally no idea how I'm gonna get out of here.

— TheEllenShow (@Ellen DeGeneres)

12. But in the end, all Ellen did was prove was that she and Portia are the most adorable couple ever.

I just texted Portia to come get me down from the cupboard. She was hiding in our closet waiting to scare me.

— TheEllenShow (@Ellen DeGeneres)

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