That Time Ellen DeGeneres Taught Everyone How To Hide

Or at least how long a human being can hide in a cupboard. posted on

1. The game begins with Ellen setting out to scare her wife.

Portia was surprised I didn't try to scare her on Halloween. I'm gonna hide in the cupboard. Keep this tweet between the 23 million of us.

I can't get in the cupboard myself so asked the housekeeper to boost me. I wish I could say this is the weirdest thing I've asked her to do.

You know in retrospect, there are a few things I wish I had done before I got in this cupboard. Nobody tweet about running water for awhile.

4. Almost…

I heard Portia come into the kitchen, but she didn't open the cupboard. She just shook a bell for 10 minutes and left. Strange.

5. … but not quite.

6. Time to get creative.

7. Things get gross for a little bit.

There's some jam on the wall of this cupboard. You know you've been hiding in a cupboard too long when wall jam starts to look good.

How could anyone get jam on a cupboard wall? That's disgusting. I wonder what flavor it is.

10. Panic sets in.

I can't believe Portia hasn't found me. Isn't she worried about where I am? After I scare the pants off her, we need to have a serious talk.

The housekeeper just left. I think Portia might be out. I have literally no idea how I'm gonna get out of here.

12. But in the end, all Ellen did was prove was that she and Portia are the most adorable couple ever.

I just texted Portia to come get me down from the cupboard. She was hiding in our closet waiting to scare me.

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