Sufjan Steven’s Crazy Guide To College Fashion

For a man who’s known for some wacky wardrobe choices, it’s no surprise he was so passionate about clothing at school.

Sufjan Stevens spent a stint at Hope College in Holland, Michigan where he wrote this article for their newspaper, The Anchor.

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He starts out by criticizing the best in ’90s fashion. Not the flannel!

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Sufjan advocates everything from velcro pockets to tuxedo tops and calls for a hair do that’s all about compromise.

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But really he thinks that you should just wear the same thing every day and never wash your clothes.

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The article ends in a call for rebellion against all that mainstream “bologna.”

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The article was paired with a graphic of the clothing Sufjan mentions (Note the baby blue snow pants).

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Sufjan chillaxing at Hope College (Far Left).


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Suspiciously, he’s not wearing snow pants or a floral polyester collar shirt.


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