13 Clever Signs That Will Make You Want To Buy A Book

Kaleido Books in Perth, Australia really makes an art out of shop signage.

1. A book is actually just a Tardis.

ID: 2012444

2. You can get the new seasons of Game of Thrones before anyone else!

ID: 2012447

4. Watch out for the banned books.

ID: 2012455

5. Actually, you better beware of all the books.

ID: 2012487

6. Buy some books written by some dead guys.

ID: 2012459

7. Be better than you were being better before.

ID: 2012466

8. Get everyone you know a book for Christmas (again).

ID: 2012473

9. Instead of reading Fifty Shades of Gray, you can read fifty facts about sexuality.

ID: 2012500

10. Don’t break the spines on these books too badly.

ID: 2012508

13. Nothing’s better than signs that are just plain helpful.

ID: 2012542

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