21 Ways To Always Live Like You’re 21

Never turn twenty-two. But you can still undo the damage if you already have. It’s stupid easy: check out this list and then catch 21 & Over in theaters on March 1st.

1. Know that you’re the hottest.

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2. And have the best dance moves.

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3. Once a week, set something on fire.

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4. Moderation? No. Shhh. You’re upsetting the booze.

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5. Remain BFFs with hangovers.

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6. Have unexpected freak outs about the future.

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7. Then run away from those problems (naked, obviously).

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8. Never ever have enough cash money.

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9. Or leave your bed.

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10. Unless you’re hanging with your buds.

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11. If something is a terrible idea… do it.

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12. “Hey, do you own any furniture?”

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13. Never learn to cook.

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15. Seriously, just never get good at walking.

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16. Make up totally original/believable excuses.

ID: 879714

17. Always procrastinate.

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18. Be dramatic on random Wednesdays.

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19. Just be hilariously honest.

ID: 879935

20. Then keep almost seriously hurting yourself.

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21. But always finish with this…

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