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    21 Sex Toys That Are Gonna Make You Wanna Cancel Your Plans And Stay In Bed All Day

    It's time to get saucy.

    1. A chic 'n' slim vibrator that's buttery-soft and incredibly compact (not to mention seriously powerful). Plus, it's completely waterproof, so you can go ahead and get naughty in the shower.

    Victoria holding the vibrator

    2. A textured toy that'll do what no classic rabbit or wand could ever do. It has ten speeds to choose from and is designed to act like a tongue to really enhance your experience. Orgasms, ahoy!

    The tongue-shaped vibrator on a blank background

    3. A precision vibrator with two horns that you can use to diddle your Skittle or tickle your pickle. It has three speeds and four vibration patterns that'll keep you entertained until you climax.

    A person holding the vibrator in their hand

    4. A crystal dildo that could probably be mistaken for a Sailor Moon cosplay wand. If you want to shake things up, it can be cooled or warmed with water for temperature play.

    5. A cute lil' vibrating butt plug that'll help you ~ease~ your way into anal play. The slim, tapered tip is nice and smooth so you can focus on enjoying yourself (instead of clenching up).

    A person holding the slim vibrating butt plug

    6. Or a strawb-shaped vibrating butt plug that'll be a berry nice addition to your collection. Reviewers say it's a great choice for first-timers and pros alike.

    The vibrator in a bowl of berries

    7. A Satisfyer Pro 2 that'll bless you with back-to-back orgasms. It simulates oral sex by using a pressure vacuum and vibrations, and reviewers are obsessed with how it can go from gentle to earth-shattering with the touch of a button.

    The satisfyer vibrator in water

    8. Or, if you want to level up, the Satisfyer Pro 3 which uses the same pressure-wave technology to simulate oral sex. It has 11 toe-curling intensity settings that'll make you forget all your problems and feel like you've gone to heaven.

    The vibrator on top of a pedestal

    9. A petite wearable finger vibe that won't get in the way of your sexy sessions. Whether you're fooling around solo or looking to add some spice to your tandem play, this lil' guy will help you get *there* before you know it.

    A person wearing the vibrator on their index fingers

    10. An arced vibrator that'll help you reach *the* spot (and also, incidentally, a major climax). The squishy head means you can play around with pressure without accidentally stabbing yourself, and it can be used both internally and externally so the only limit is your imagination.

    A person holding the vibrator while sitting in a tub full of water

    11. A squiggly six-inch vibrator that's got all the right curves and edges to rock your world. Reviewers love how powerful, smooth, and soft it is, and say it's given them multiple orgasms in a single sesh (something we all aspire to).

    12. A pulsating vibrator that'll send you and your bits rocketing into outer space. It's designed to mimic the suction of a mouth and is completely covered in velvety silicone so it won't poke or prod while you're getting your rocks off.

    The vibrator on a soft towel

    13. A waterproof vibrating ring that'll make your bits feel deliciously tingly the next time you spank the monkey. It's not just for solo play, either — the vibrations are strong enough to tickle your partner's hot spots, too!

    someone holding the vibrating ring in front of a wet naked torso

    14. A magical unicorn horn that'll help you fulfill your freakiest fantasies. It's over 10 inches long and is textured to make your erotic experiences even more pleasurable.

    15. A petite lipstick vibe that you can stash in plain sight with the rest of your beauty products (no one will be able to spot the difference). Reviewers say it's surprisingly powerful for such a small toy and love that it's teensy enough to pack on vacay.

    A person holding the lipstick-shaped vibrator in their outstretched palm

    16. A Kegel exercise set that'll give your muscles down there a total workout (who doesn't want a toned pelvic floor?), while delivering some serious pleasure. It comes with three weights, so you can switch things up as you get more and more powerful.

    The vibrator on top of a towel

    17. A penis extender that'll add a three extra inches and a bit of girth to your member. It's made of super-soft plastic, giving it a natural feel, and reviewers say using it is like being given a superpower in the bedroom.

    18. A 3-in-1 rabbit with a thrusting shaft, vibrating bunny ears, and jiggling beads that can really do it all. Reviewers love that it hits all their hot spots at once and that it keeps them guessing with different patterns.

    The vibrator in water

    19. A Lelo vibrator that works all of its magic on the outside of your bod (clit, nips, you name it). It has eight sonic wave patterns to choose from and it can be enjoyed solo or with your partner.

    A person holding the vibrator between their thighs

    20. A dual-motor vibrator that'll deliver major pleasure both internally and externally — at the same time. The flexible design will bend to suit all body types, while the squeeze remote will give you total control in the palm of your hand.

    A couple playing with the flexible vibrator

    21. And finally, an ultra-powerful, super-rumbly vibrating wand that'll work some serious magic on your nether regions. It's robust enough to keep you going round after round (after round) and will never die on you mid-romp.

    A person laying in bed while holding the large vibrating wand and looking into the camera

    Time to test out some goodies! You know...for science.