12 Reasons Masculinity Is Terrible For Men

    Why do women outlive men in pretty much every country on earth? Because so many of the behaviors associated with being manly are really bad for you.

    1. Eating too much meat is bad for you.

    2. Playing violent sports is bad for you.

    3. Taking physical risks is bad for you.

    4. Driving recklessly is bad for you.

    5. Not using sexual protection is bad for you.

    6. Not wearing sunscreen is bad for you.

    7. Using (and abusing) alcohol is bad for you.

    8. Smoking is bad for you.

    9. Being lonely is bad for you.

    10. Doing dangerous jobs is bad for you.

    11. Avoiding the doctor is bad for you.

    Part of our cultural agreement about masculine behavior is that it includes ignoring pain, and avoiding health care is part of that.

    According to Hirsch, showing off your masculinity includes the things you don't do, "notably (not) going to the doctor." She adds that there are pretty steep consequences: "One example is concurrent diagnosis for HIV — because men don't go to the doctor, they are much more likely to have developed AIDS by the time they are diagnosed as HIV-positive."

    12. Not talking about your feelings is bad for you.

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