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9 Facts About Fertility You Should Learn In Your Twenties

If you know you want kids ~at some point~, here's some essential information.

1. There is a drop-off in fertility, especially for women, as you get older. But it might not be as dramatic as you think.

2. If you're trying to conceive and don't get pregnant right away, you really don't need to worry.

3. Contraception can't make you infertile.

4. Your risks of failing to conceive and of miscarriage increase into your late thirties and forties.

5. Men's fertility declines as they get older too.

6. IVF isn't a cure-all, and sometimes people might be pushed towards it when they don't need it.

7. Lifestyle can affect a couple's chances of getting pregnant – but, again, probably less than you think.

8. Although you should probably avoid bodybuilding supplements (not just steroids) and be wary of STIs.

9. You can get pregnant later in life than you realise, so don't assume you don't need to worry about contraception when you hit 35.