Women Wore Cow Masks To Question If Cows Are Safer Than Women In India

    "If we can protect cows then why not women?"

    Given the simultaneous rise in cow protection laws and crimes against women, people have often wondered if cows are safer than women in India.

    Money Sharma / AFP / Getty Images

    The observation has has been expressed in many forms, including this viral cartoon from Causette, a French magazine.

    Camille Besse / Causette

    In it, the phrase "India, country of sacred cows" is edited via red strike-through to say, "India, country of massacred women."

    23-year-old artist Sujatro Ghosh decided to start a project where he got women to wear a cow mask in public places to prove the bovine community has it easier.

    Sujatro Ghosh

    "The incidents in Dadri and the other cow slaughtering incidents made me ponder about what could I do to stand up for it," Ghosh told BuzzFeed.

    Sujatro Ghosh

    One of the participants in his project, Reetwija Chakraborty didn't really feel much safer in the mask. But she did enjoy engaging with the crowds.

    Sujatro Ghosh

    "While sporting a cow mask in the middle of a crowded street or in front of some of the busiest tourist places meant that you attracted more attention than usual, being inside the cow mask was powerful," she told BuzzFeed.

    Sujatro Ghosh

    Ghosh told BuzzFeed that he consciously chose to use his art and social media to make his message clear since he didn't consider physically fighting an option.

    Sujatro Ghosh

    While there was initial resistance from people when they were approached, soon women from outside India reached out to him for help.

    Sujatro Ghosh

    The message he wanted to make was loud and clear to him. "If we can protect cows then why not women?" he asked.

    Sujatro Ghosh

    Follow his work on Instagram.

    Sujatro Ghosh

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